Adwords Payment-Related Suspensions Issue Tech Support Account

Repeated declined payments and cancellations may lead to account suspensions. PPCTIGER will make you learn about how your financial institution handles declined payments and how they handle claims of fraud. We are found a solution for PPC calls for tech support if Adwords Payment-Related Suspensions Issue Tech Support Account occurred.


  • Repeated violation of Google AdWords policies
  • Serious violation of Google AdWords policies, putting other users at risk
  • Non-payment of advertising costs
  • The account appears to be closely related to another suspended account.


    • Understand your payment method, have entire details of your payment procedure.

Report suspicious payment activity

It’s a good idea to regularly log into your AdWords account to check for any unexpected or unauthorised activity, such as changes to your billing information, ads, or budget.

It’s a good idea to only grant the lowest level of permissions that each user needs, and don’t forget to change the default invitation password regularly.

Pay before the due date

  • If your AdWords account is temporarily suspended for payment related issues, your ads will not serve during the suspension timeframe and will only resume once the suspension is lifted. To avoid account suspension, we recommend our advertisers make timely payments. Our team preemptively suspends accounts when the balance for advertising costs is overdue.


Suspicious behaviour or unauthorised access:

If Google notices any suspicious behaviour in your access log or payment activity, your account will be suspended immediately for your own protection and security.

Policy violations:

If your account has been suspended due to repeated policy violations you will need to fix all of the violations immediately. This could mean altering disapproved ads or removing them entirely. Once you have fixed the violations, you can then request an appeal to have your account reinstated.


If you fail to pay your advertising costs, your account will be suspended until you can pay the outstanding balance and contact Google to report payment. Proof of payment may also be required.

Other violations:

Google reserves the right to suspend any account deemed to be violating AdWords Terms and Conditions.