PPCTIGER is already working with 20+ Technical support SEO Projects and generate calls 50 to 80 per day – Currently, we work with Kindle, Router, Printer, Quickbooks, and Antivirus projects. We help to set up whole tech support process. We now complete step by step guide to generate calls for technical support.We aim at generating USA, Canada and UK Based Email, Printer, Router, Quickbooks, Kindle and provide help who run their tech support company and buy calls from someone with almost double cost. Hire Us to Google Adwords PPC Services for Tech Support Calls for Printer, Router, Antivirus Campaigns Setup. We also create an account on bing, yahoo Gemini and other paid search engines.


1) Hosting server
2) Website
3) Google Adwords / Bing Account
4) Credit Card
5) Payment Gateway
6) Landing page
7) Toll-Free Number

We have only two way to Generate Tech Support Calls:

  1. PPC – Need Tech Support Calls? – (Through PPC you can generate 500+ calls per day)
  2. SEO – SEO for Tech Support. – 100% guaranteed calls 50+ per day


We can provide you Mix Calls from US / Canada Customers which includes:

  • Printer Related Calls –

We provide complete Printer set-up and tech support calls for different brands of clients.

  • Router Related Calls –

We provide complete Router set-up, configuration and support call for different brands of Router clients.

  • Windows Based Calls

We provide complete windows based calls for different brands of PC and laptop clients.

  • Mac Based Calls

We provide complete Mac book based calls.

  • Antivirus Issues

We provide complete virus and malware support calls for different brands of computer and laptop clients.

  • Facebook, Hotmail, and Gmail Problems

We provide complete email setup and other related problems call for facebook, Hotmail, and Gmail.

  • Facebook Games Issue

We provide complete calls for facebook related games.

  • Laptop and Tablet Related Queries

We provide complete laptop and tablet related queries and calls for different brands of laptop and tablet clients.

  • Online Games

We provide tech support calls for online games.

  • I-phone & other Cell Phones

We provide set-up and technical support calls for I-phone and other cell phones.

By contacting us. Learn “How to generate calls for Technical Support