Call-only ads are text ads that include a phone number. Calls are designed to encourage calls rather than clicks. They appear exclusively on mobile phones. We are the PPC expert for tech support business for the printer, Router and antivirus.


  • Call-only campaigns make driving and tracking calls super simple. But they take some getting used to.
  • Call-only campaigns are fairly new to Google AdWords, there are certain steps you can take to get the most out of them in your PPC campaigns.
  • Moreover, you can’t slap your traditional PPC strategy onto your call-only campaigns and cross your fingers that it will work.

Few disapprovals and policies:

If you violate our policies following happens. The following AdWords policies are especially relevant to call-only ads and are often associated with disapprovals.

Unavailable offers

Products or services should be priced accurately, easily found at the ad’s destination, and match with headers and descriptions.


Advertisers are responsible for proper trademark use in their ad text, assets, and business information. See the Trademark policy for more information.

Unacceptable phone number

Phone numbers in ads and extensions must be accurate, active, and relevant to the business being advertised.

Unverified phone number

To promote a better user experience. Phone numbers must be verified by Google. Before they can be used in ads and extensions.

Adult content

To keep ads relevant and safe for users. Google restricts adult content in certain circumstances. See the Adult content policy for more information.


  • Promotional language in the business name field.
  •  An inaccurate business name, or a business name that does not clearly represent the advertised business or disambiguates from similar businesses.