PPC advertising allows you to pay for top rankings on search engines and are available on relevant partner websites. Cost-per-click marketing delivers instant traffic and offers many ways to compliment existing online marketing strategies by testing keywords, business models, and marketplace verticals. Moreover it allows to develop overall Internet advertising strategy. SEO plans are armed with facts, not assumptions.

Note:- On Aug 31, 2018 Google Ads (Google Adwords) updated its advertising policies to restrict ads for third-party tech support providers. Google will roll out a verification program to ensure that only legitimate providers of third-party tech support can use Google platform to reach consumers.We Do Not provide Google Adwords (Google Ads) PPC Campaign Services for Third Party Tech support Company. There is a logistic science for finding high number of low volume keywords that are not much expensive to advertise on but still provide significant ROI. These may be used to hedge against the expensive high volume keywords.However, significantly lowering the average cost-per-click (CPC) across the entire campaign.

 Need of an Google AdWords account Management Assistance:

  1. For web traffic and customers. When you don’t have the luxury to take the time that an SEO campaign requires.
  2. PPC advertising is a most effective solution.
  3. Attract much more prospects, grow online sales.
  4. Come in front of more people faster
  5. Streamline the current ad campaign to lower costs per click.
  6. Target specific neighborhoods and communities.
  7. Specify who should receive your ads. It must be based on everything from demographics to the times that users are most likely to be searching for your specified products and services
  8. Control ad spend by setting the budgets and other limitations as well.
  9. Make your reach upto a mobile audience.
  10. Make a suspended AdWords account back to a great standing.

Main factors affecting your account:

  • Keyword Research
  •  Optimization
  •  Audit
  • Ad Copy and Design
  • Re-targeting or Re-marketing
  •  Consulting and Reporting


  • Dear folks, you can be rest assured that your google adword accounts are being managed by professionals.
  • Your accounts are monitored dozens of time. We are constantly analyzing how your advertising dollar can be of best possible use.
  • If we see space for improvement in online advertising campaign, we surely apprise you of it so you can make an informed decision.
  • My team is always on top of things when it comes to placing bids to ensure you the top search engine ranking position possible.
  • Our team of experts is here to serve all your PPC account management needs.

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  • Keyword Discovery and Selection
  • Ad Submission
  • PPC Monitoring
  • PPC Cost Management
  • Campaign Improvement Modification
  • Competitive Research
  • Landing page development and improvements
  • Ad Text Creation
  • Help with Optimizing Landing Pages
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Call Tracking