“Be Found, Be Seen, Be First” it’s our working criteria for your account optimization. We work tirelessly at optimizing your performance. Hand us the keys. and we’ll drive you to the maximum ROI. We personalize each and every campaign so that you get the results you want.
My team starts by getting to know your account first. From there, we put together an analysis of what’s exactly happening. Put together a roadmap for moving forward.

Things To Be Done:

Analysis of existing PPC campaign

We work to ensure that you’re choosing correct keywords and tactics that make sense for business as well as bottom line.

Setup of your Google AdWords accounts

Get your business up running on Google, Yahoo! and Bing ad networks. Implementing a tracking and reporting process so as to get actionable data while measuring results. We’ll  start optimizing existing campaigns in need of improvement and working within the existing framework to give the best results.

Setting an appropriate budget.

Our budgets and time period is specific. Spend on appropriate advertisements for campaigns.

Creative campaign management:

Our team of marketing pros will create dynamic and powerful ads. Which uses keywords to be targeted. Keeping them well organized in the appropriate ad groups and campaigns.

Ongoing analysis and optimization:

CPC, CPA, ROI, position, traffic, funnels and much more are few of the metrics we examine to determine where optimization is needed. Ongoing reporting ensures to exactly know what’s happening with the account, coupled with personalized, responsive service.

Tactics That Get Results:

  • Campaign Development
  • Keyword Research
  • Quality Scoring
  • Negative Keyword
  • Group Splitting
  • Constant Refinement
  • Keyword Alerts
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • ROI Optimization
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Contextual Advertising
  • Day Parting

Four Stage Effective PPC Strategy:


Projects begin with a deep analysis of business and competition. Tools and historical data is used to compile as much data as we can to put together a custom strategy that works for specific business needs.


After analyzing enough data we get work on on-page optimization doing things like meta optimization and code optimization.


Before we can get out there and promote domain we will need to develop quality content that is both useful and relevant to your target market.


Promote the website to search engines using many tactics which include link building, link baiting, sharing, inbound marketing, social media, directory submissions etc.

Our effective Process Includes:

Attract quality traffic and enjoy the high rate of success.

Comprehensive Research:

We carry out comprehensive research on your business, competition and the market. We also analyze the most potent keywords and key phrases that can drive quality traffic to your site.

Ad Copywriting:

A captivating ad is often the difference between success and failure in a PPC campaign.

Cost Optimization

High ad spent doesn’t necessarily offer you the maximum mileage. We optimize your cost per impression to get the top results.

Landing Page Creation:

Attracting traffic is one part; the most valid task is to convert them into a sale. We create and optimize landing page to offer the most tangible returns.

Campaign Monitoring:

We will monitor the progress to gauge its success. It brings in changes based on the changing market conditions and needs.