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Bing Ads / Google Adwords Alternatives to Run Tech Support Ads

Bing Ads and Google Adwords is the great source of Tech Support Calls. But now they do not support the tech support business. So how to run tech support business now. PPCTIGER experts are here to guide you and provide the best support for your business. There’s no doubt Google AdWords and Bing Ads is the leading PPC network on the web, which you should use first and foremost for your Tech Support PPC advertising.

Yahoo Gemini Ads Setup for Tech Support

Yahoo Gemini Ads Setup for Tech Support: – On March 10th, Yahoo unexpectedly began migrating a small amount of mobile traffic from select Bing accounts to the new platform, with a second wave beginning April 1st.

Landing page designing services for Tech Support

Landing page designing services for Tech Support: – Landing pages are online marketing arsenal. The goal is very important. Without concrete, specific goals, there’s no way to create an effective page. Your goal should be clear before you begin designing your page. We know how to create PPC landing pages? and how to create a technical support website for tech support PPC.

Authorize.Net Payment Gateway integration services for Tech Support

The structure sends emails, invoices, payment information, purchased items information and all you need to customers and sites administrators, resuming we do all you need to make it work.

  • It meets all your credit card online processing needs without a separate credit card machine or processing software, and it’s pre-integrated with most virtual shopping carts.
  • We have the experience other don’t have, we had integrated hundred of websites with Authorize.net Payment Gateway using all the technologies and techniques they offer.

We Have a team of PPC EXPERT for Tech Support campaigns on google Adwords, Bing and Yahoo Gemini.

Bing Ads policy change for Tech Support

PPCTIGER experts are known for Create PPC campaign according to Bing Ads policy.

Restricted policies:

  • We strive to provide the highest quality online experience for both advertisers and consumers.
  • In some cases, this may mean evaluating certain types of sensitive content, products, and services.
  • The following policies address the specific details of content generally considered sensitive, legal, dangerous, harmful and/or potentially unethical in nature.

Why Google Suspended Tech Support Accounts?

Why Google Suspended My Tech Support Accounts?

We all Love Google because it gives us business and it’s our duty to make sure we never do anything to hurt your reputation. We all know User experience and safety has always been your main concern that is what makes you trustworthy to users. We help to find out the answers, why Google Adwords account suspended for tech support?.

How do i generate calls for Technical Support

PPCTIGER is already working with 20+ Technical support SEO Projects and generate calls 50 to 80 per day – Currently, we work with Kindle, Router, Printer, Quickbooks, and Antivirus projects. We help to set up whole tech support process. We now complete step by step guide to generate calls for technical support.

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