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SEO is a method of making web site search engine friendly. It is used so that website can achieve top position and ranking in the online searches. Ultimately increasing the scope for website to be found and reached by customers. It modifies the site to improve the ranking by using various keywords and contents. Provided content must be in a manner that most used keywords are used in the website.

Making a pretty website is just in among millions of others but it don’t work. To make a functional website and generate good business. It makes your site search engine friendly by assigning relevant keywords and link-building.

Impressive site is bound to attract visitors. But only a few people can give effectively designed, developed and integrate Web Site with business and make it a success.


Web marketing Website Audit

  • ONLINE advertisers audit works at varying and complexity levels .
  • Simple website audit may be as short as a few pages long. It may address glaring on-page issues such as missing titles,lack of content.
  • A comprehensive website optimization audit may be comprised of dozens of pages
  • Address even the smallest of website elements which can potentially be detrimental to the ranking-ability of a website.

On-Page google optimization

On-page or on-site optimization is the process of implementing the required changes as recommended by an audit. Changes can be implemented by the owner. On-page is a part of web packages, because it is the foundation up on which online advertising campaign is built. It addresses a variety of fundamental elements like page titles, headings, content organization, and internal link structure.

Content Development:

It is the process of creating website content which comes in a variety of forms, including text, infographics , PDFs, searchable databases, web tools and many more.

Link Development:

It is one of the most controversial topics of the online marketing industry. Back links are the most vital component of any search engine optimization campaign. Also it is most time consuming and consequently most expensive part.

Code Optimization

It is a service expected at the highest levels, it involves an overhaul of website HTML. The optimization of HTML it can impact rankings in two ways. It may help alleviate code-clutter, and present your content in an easy-to-understand format. It can be used to reduce the load-time of your website pages, so that search engine searchers don’t have to wait around while your page loads.


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SEO Services for Technical Support

SEO Services for Technical Support- PPCTIGER is known for best services. We aim at providing 100% organic output and top results. Seo stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a search engine’s “natural” or “organic” search results.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your website to make it search engine friendly and then building its authority over the Internet so that search engines like Google trust your site and its content and then show your site on top when someone searches for your services or products. Avail Best SEO Service for Technical support.


Before starting any business many questions arise such as:

  • How Tech Support Business / Companies will survive. Where they will get their calls from?, How will they run their business?. Who will provide the calls? Is Tech support industry going to shut down or we should work on some other ways for survival.
  • Google has already suspended Adwords Account for Tech support, and now Bing will start doing the same things.
  • Pop-up calls also under review – Maybe it gets suspended by USA Govt in coming months or so.
  • So the answer is SEO. To enhance your business.


  • SEO is new for tech support industry.
  • Currently, there is no huge competition. Only some big brands work on this concept.
  • Now it’s easy to rank on Tech Support keywords like: Printer Tech support, Email Tech Support, Router Tech Support, Belkin Router Support, Antivirus TechSupport etc. Now only


  • GET FOUND in Google Search When Someone Search For Your Service Or Product
  • BRANDING – Improve Brand Visibility with Content and Social Marketing
  • SOCIAL TRAFFIC – Get Visitors from Social Sites
  • REFERENCE – Get Reference From Hundreds Of Website With Off Page Seo Activity
  • FREE TRAFFIC – No Need To Pay To Google, Bing For Visitors.
  • AFFORDABLE – Pay Only For 2 Months SEO Activity For Lifetime Free Traffic.


1: Research

Before you begin any SEO work (on-site or off-site), you need to start with research – keyword research and competitor research.

Research is the most important piece of SEO. Targeting the wrong keywords can ruin your campaign by generating low-quality traffic and few conversions, and no business wants that!

A: Keyword Research

There are three primary areas you need to focus on when conducting keyword research:

1. Find keywords for your homepage and product pages

When it comes to optimizing the most important pages of your website, you should consider relevancy, search volume, and ranking difficulty.

B: Competitor Research

After you’ve done keyword research, you’re half way there! Now it’s time to conduct competitor research. You should consider:
Which keywords are your main competitors going for?
Compile a list of keywords your competitors appear to be using with their SEO strategy. Also, you should look to see if they have a higher Domain Authority (DA)than you? Do their web pages have higher Page Authorities (PA) than you?

 3: On-Page Optimization

While off-page search engine optimization (that is, link building) is important, on-page optimization is just as important. On-page optimization includes all of the actions you take within your own web pages to help your site rank better.

When it comes to on-page optimization, there are eight key targets you need to focus on:

  • Keyword Optimization
  • Site Structure
  • Internal Linking
  • Usability
  • Mobile Version of Website
  • Customer Reviews
  • Rich Snippets
  • Social Media Integration

B: Site Structure

If you’re building a website from the ground up or executing a redesign, information architecture is a must. We’ve talked a bit about architecture, but let’s dive in a bit deeper.

C: Internal Linking

The next step is internal linking. You might not have heard of this before, but I’m sure you know what it is. This is when you link pages of your website to other pages within your website.

 5: Adding Blog Content

Since each page of your site should be optimized for only one keyword, there will be plenty of important keywords that don’t make it onto a page of your site.

The way to rank for those keywords is through a blog. With a blog, you can optimize each post for a keyword that you aren’t targeting with the main pages of your site.


  • Skype
  • Apple tech Support
  • Antivirus (Norton, AVG, Panda, McAfee, Kaspersky etc.)
  • IE Browser Issues
  • Email, Outlook support (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Roadrunner etc.)
  • Printer tech support (HP, Dell, Lexmark, Canon, Brother etc.)
  • Quicken support
  • Kindle support (Kindle, Kindle Fire etc.)
  • Computer repair issues
  • Why my computer is slow
  • Wifi issues
  • Internet problems
  • Router Tech Support
  • Anti-virus Support
  • Software Support
  • PC Fix issues
  • IE Browser Issues
  • Pogo Tech Support
  • iPhone/ iPad Tech Support
  • Email, Outlook
  • Printer tech support
  • Quicken
  • Kindle support
  • Computer repair issues
  • Why my computer is slow
  • Router issues
  • Internet problems
  • QuickBook

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